Requirements for Submitting Videos to Centered Riding:

CR Video Criteria:

  • Purpose:  Explain and demonstrate classic Centered Riding Basics and concepts, exercises and techniques, so that viewers who are not familiar with Centered Riding will be interested and understand. Classic Centered Riding refers to Centered Riding as taught by Sally Swift

  • Time Length: 3 to 5 minutes

  • Format: video format that can be uploaded to YouTube

  • Topics: Topics from Centered Riding and Centered Riding II by Sally Swift are preferred.

  • Examples:

-   Breathing: the effect on the rider’s seat

-   Breathing and rhythm

-   How to Find Your Center (on a horse, on a therapy ball, on the ground)

-   Turning From the Center

-   Grounding the Rider’s Feet

-   Soft Eyes vs Hard Eyes

-   Balance of the Rider’s Head & Neck

-   Following hands

-   Trampoline exercises

-   Using centering for transitions

Steps for Creating a Centered Riding Video:

1.  Decide on your topic: a simple Centered Riding concept such as Centering, Breathing, Grounding, etc. Plan to    show only one exercise. Include a brief introduction of yourself, your student and what you will be working on.

2.  Write a simple script for your video:  Title, Introduction, Explain & Demonstrate exercise, Finish with a very         simple, brief review. Plan on the time segment for each video.

3.  Find someone who will shoot your video. You will also need someone who can edit your finished video. This need not be done by a professional, but you will need someone who knows how to shoot video, upload it to a computer and edit videos.

4.  Practice what you will show in your video, keeping track of the time and practicing what you will do and say.  If possible, video your practice attempts on a cell phone, tablet, or video camera, so you can study them before you shoot the actual video.

5.  Shoot the video. You may want to re-shoot the video several times, in case you find errors in the video. It is better to have more footage than you need, so you can use the best parts.

6.  Review all the video footage, identifying the parts you want to use. Write down the video time/number of the starting point and ending point for each segment.

7.  When the final video segments are all assembled, the video should be edited. The final video must be in a format that can easily be uploaded to YouTube. 

How to Submit a Video:

  1. Create your video in accordance with the criteria listed above.

  2. If you don't already have one, create a YouTube account. This is where you will save the video(s) that you would like to submit to Centered Riding.

  3. Once your video is posted to your own YouTube account, click the "Share" tab below the video and copy the link. It will look something like this: "https://youtu..."  You will need this link when fill out the Video Submission form on this website.

  4. Go to the Submit a Video menu and fill out the Video Submission Form and click the "Submit" button.

That's it! The Centered Riding Video Committee will review your video and respond as soon as possible.

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